Learning Manifesto in action

The Learning Manifesto

On the 16th January 2020 four experienced Agile Coaches and Trainers got together to discuss a training strategy for a global organisation. This organisation had been undergoing an Agile Modernisation and Transformation programme of work for over 3 years to date. Despite a roll out of large scale classroom based training courses, the agile adoption was mixed and also missed out large groups in the management and leadership levels of this organisation.

What emerged from this meeting was not a training plan, but a Learning Manifesto where we value:

Putting the student at the heart OVER Putting cost or trainer’s egos first
Content paced for consumption OVER Delivering as much as possible in one go
In the workflow, team-based learning OVER Learning as an isolated individual
Active and engaging delivery OVER Passive exposure to slide-packs
Fun exercises to reinforce learning OVER Struggling to remember the course
Support for practice and reflection OVER Being left to do it all yourself
Actionable feedback to improve content OVER Attendance figures and surveys sent days later

The original signatories to this Learning Manifesto were Darryl Sherborne, Robin McAlpine, Christopher Stone and Ian Banner. We invite you and others that share our vision to also become signatories.

About the author: Darryl Sherborne

Darryl is our MD and Agile/DevOps consulting lead. He has over 17 years experience in the agile transformation and continuous improvement field. Specialisms include: Agile coaching, team formation and coaching DevOps implementation