DASA DevOps Webinar: What is a DASA DevOps Coach?

What is the DASA DevOps Coaching course and what makes it special? Let’s take a look at the course, some key areas of content and how this training is delivered.

Earlier this year I was invited to participate in this webinar with Dimitri van den Broek, founder of DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association). It was a very enjoyable session with some great questions from the attendees at the end. Here are a few of the questions that were asked, to give you a flavour of the discussion:

  • Do I need DevOps Fundamentals before doing this course?
  • Is this course useful for companies that are not mature in agile practices?
  • Is there any technical DevOps expertise required before attending this course?

To find out more, have a listen of the webinar below.

The DASA DevOps Coach training is now available to book via our Training pages

About the author: Darryl Sherborne

Darryl is our MD and Agile/DevOps consulting lead. He has over 17 years experience in the agile transformation and continuous improvement field. Specialisms include: Agile coaching, team formation and coaching DevOps implementation